How To Write a One Page Case Study

How To Write a One Page Case Study

Imagine sitting by yourself at the local coffee shop, and your ideal prospect (we call prospects Doubters) asks to sit down with you by chance. You strike up a casual conversation but only have a few minutes. The Doubter asks, “what do you do”?

Let’s say you are a landscaper, and The Doubter has just moved to town. You don’t know this, but it turns out he and his wife just bought that fantastic $5 Million waterfront home with spectacular gardens everyone in town is talking about. You only have a moment to create an impact.

This is it. In 2 minutes, The Doubter will get up and leave.

You could say, “we cut lawns, trim bushes, and all the rest,”…Just like every landscaper in town. Then hand them your business card, and off The Doubter goes. Watching him walk out, you notice he throws your business card in the trash can by the front door.

Wow. What a bummer. The Doubter just walked out with his $25,000 per year ($250,000 over ten years) landscaping account (plus referrals). And your beautiful business card it’s now in the trash, drenched with coffee stains.

Or …. You say this, “Let me give you an example of what we do, when we cut lawns, we follow a six-step system.”

How to Write a One Page Case Study Example: Lawn Service

  1. We Inspect your lawn: Before starting, we inspect the yard to identify any potential hazards, such as rocks or obstacles, and determine the overall health of your lawn.
  2. Prepare the mower: we check our mowers. We ensure our mowers are running like a Swiss Watch with sharp blades set at the proper height for your type of grass.
  3. Mow The Lawns: We start mowing the lawn in straight lines or a criss-cross pattern, overlapping each pass slightly to ensure even coverage. We cut the perimeter of the property first, then work inward.
  4. Trim edges: We trim the edges of the lawn using a string trimmer or edger to give your yard a clean and polished look.
  5. Blow Debris: We use a leaf blower to clear away grass clippings or debris left behind so that your lawn looks neat and pristine.
  6. V  Clean up: Finally, we clean up our equipment and ensure the lawn is clean and tidy.

See the difference? Imagine the impact that short story has on The Doubter. You created trust in less than one minute. Simple One Page Case Studies™ like this one may have just turned a chance encounter in a few minutes into a profitable new account.

The easiest and best way when you are learning how to write a One Page Case Study is to start with a simple process. Jot down the key points of your process just like I did above.

Converting The Expert to The Trusted Expert with One Page Case Studies™

We’ve all been there. We are an expert. So why don’t we get more clients when we are better than everyone else?

The key to sales, whether from your website, your SEO, Social Media or Videos, or One on One Meetings, is to show Proof.

Proof creates trust, credibility, and believability.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in. Proof sells.

Proof turns the expert into The Trusted Expert. And that’s who gets all the clients.

About the One-Page Case Study Business Model

Ed Winslow One Page Case StudyWe base the “One Page Case Study” business model on the systems the most successful companies in the world apply. Caroline Vega

Ed Winslow and Caroline Vega have applied the strategy on Google with SEO for over ten years.

The system is an online and offline repeatable sales and marketing strategy applied to the following:

  1. Websites and SEO
  2. Press Releases
  3. Videos
  4. Social Media
  5. Zoom Calls
  6. One On One Meeting